We offer music production for most genres, mastering facilities, vocal recording and vocal editing, sound design and mixing for TV, movie and live shows. A sustainable network of music business professionals is the key to our success

Music production

Global chart success for over 20 years

MCP Music Consulting and Production is a full service music production company with a history of more than 20 years and global chart success. We have successfully worked on projects for all major record companies, movies, film, games and live entertainment. Our productions gained numerous top 10 positions in sales- DJ- and download charts. 

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Mastering facilities

A competitive mastering is key to chart success

Without mastering, any piece of music will probably sound poor against a professionally treated purchased music file. The reason is that our ears will judge the louder version as „better sounding“. Achieving loudness while maintaining natural dynamics is one of our secrets in mastering.


Vocal editing

Turning a good vocal performance into a great one

Most modern pop music productions make heavy use of pitch and timing correction. Professionally treated vocals can make a big difference and even the best professional singers use editing on their vocals. Check our examples on the web to learn why.

Editied vs Unedited

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Sound design and editing

At MCP we create individual sound designs for any use - exclusively or non-exclusive. Ask us regarding videos, B2B or B2C presentations, apps, music- or post-production. We also created sounds for catwalks, lasershows and fireworks.

Artist concepts

There are many options to bring a new artist to the market. What is the best way to reach his
or her fans? How should the music sound to attract the masses? Let us do the concept: Unconventionally, creative and always highly attractive for fans and media.

Digital distribution

We have set up excellent relationships to all important music retailers like as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon or Beatport. Our products frequently receive a prominent listing or feature on these sites. We also provide a big network of music related websites, print magazines and blogs.