We offer music production for most genres, mastering facilities, vocal recording and vocal editing, sound design and mixing for TV, movie and live shows. We push carreers and help them gain visibility and fans on all social media platforms. A sustainable network of music business professionals is the key to our success

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MCP Music Consulting and Production is a full service music production company with  global chart success. We have successfully worked on projects for all major record companies, movies, film, games and live entertainment. 



Without mastering, any piece of music will probably sound poor against a professionally treated purchased music file. We are professionally mastering and mixing every piece of music to taste.

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While many artists struggle to get their social media appearence right other artist might be looking for taking the next step. Let us do your concept: Unconventionally, creative and always highly attractive for fans and media.


Get in touch with us about your request and let us know how we can help boost your carreer.

Please fill out the form and don’t forget to to send us links to your social media accounts our your sound files. Let us know if you need a track mixed, mastered or if you are looking for a professional social media consulting.  We will review any request!

We do not work wIth everyone, so don’t be disappointed if we reject your sumbission.


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